MicroTCA.4 moves from military to physics lab

MicroTCA.4 10-channel down converter board

MicroTCA.4 10-channel down converter

Embedded computing boards based on the MicroTCA open-standard architecture have been a mainstay of military, aerospace and communications systems development for many years.

By adding rear I/O capability and signal conditioning provisions in the latest version of the interface specification MicroTCA.4, the technology is now being aimed at measurement systems in high energy physics research.

Designed with the high energy physics research community in mind, this sub-specification of the MicroTCA standard adds functionality in the provision of micro RTMs (rear transition modules) connecting to advanced mezzanine card (AMC) processing elements for signal conditioning and I/O.

As a result the board interface standard now becomes attractive for I/O-intensive applications and those requiring mixed-signal capabilities in a single chassis.

A white paper reviews the MicroTCA.4 hardware ecosystem and latest design advancements.



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