MWC: Biometric tech is vital for mobile

The growing interest in personal healthcare means that mobile device suppliers need to develop new expertise in biometric technologies.

MWC: Biometric tech is vital for mobile

Mobile vital signs

Mio Global, for example, has not only developed a wrist-strap fitness monitor, it has created its own metric for heart rate tracking.

Dubbed Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI), it translates your heart rate data and personal profile information into one metric.

This can be used to monitor heart rate data from the past seven days, which it the company says is a more useful way to measure your physical activity and its effect on your health.

Mio Global says the PAI algorithm is based on the HUNT Study, a health study in which more than 60,000 individuals were closely monitored over 20 years.

The firm’s Slice activity tracker wristband, which will be demonstrated at MWC 2016, is the first PAI device.

The company writes:

Your total PAI score reflects heart rate data from the past 7 days, and if you keep a minimum PAI score of 100, you are helping your body maintain a top-notch health profile — maximizing your lifespan and preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

With the Activity Setter feature in the PAI app, you can choose how much PAI you want to earn and the app provides guidelines with how much low or high intensity activity you need to do in order to achieve your goal. You choose the activity — as long as it gets your heart rate up.

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