MWC: Rohde & Schwarz runs four component carriers for LTE-A mobiles

Rohde & Schwarz demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona an RF test set-up for LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation with four component carriers in the downlink.

Two CMW500 testers each generated two component carriers with 2×2 MIMO using the 256QAM modulation method. The complete set-up can achieve a high data throughput of up to 800Mbit/s in the downlink, said Rohde & Schwarz.

MWC: Rohde & Schwarz runs four component carriers for LTE-A mobilesThe company uses a CMWC controller to co-ordinate the CMW500 testers, which can also be used separately. A number of other test functions are also available, such as uplink carrier aggregation, FDD/TDD joint operation and LTE 4CC up to 8×2 MIMO.

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Rohde & Schwarz also demonstrated RF tests on the CMW500 with 64QAM modulation in the uplink. These modulation methods increase the data rate in the uplink for LTE.

This set-up achieved a data throughput of 75Mbit/s on a single carrier or 150Mbit/s in combination with LTE-Advanced uplink carrier aggregation.

The test firm has also worked with Prisma Telecom Testing to verify LTE FDD three component carrier (3CC) aggregation in the downlink, including 4×4 MIMO on each carrier.

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