Poland firm creates dev board for Intel’s IoT module

Poland-based supplier Modulowo has introduced an embedded development board for Intel’s small form factor IoT module, known as Edison.

Modulowo Explore E

Modulowo Explore E

It takes the form of a breakout board for Intel Edison Compute Module providing interfaces and connectors to additional modules, such as sensors, touch switches, motor controllers and LED drivers and GPS.

It is likely to be used for IoT design prototyping but can also be used as an educational aid.

Called Explore E the breakout board includes two proprietary duoNECT connectors for expansion modules – GPIO, SPI, UART and I2C interfaces connectors, two micro USB (USB OTG and USB/UART converter).

There is also a 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter for measuring analog signals, voltage logic level translators (tolerates +3,3V/+5V signals).

The IoT module also supports a GPS peripheral.

Edison is a built around a dual-core Intel Atom processor and will run various maker operating systems such as Arduino, Linux, and Python. It is also compatible with C, C ++ and JavaScript.



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