MCU design tool has Microsoft Excel interface

Micrium has announced the latest release of its µC/Probe, a Windows-based application that allows engineers to graphically view and change the embedded system designs at run-time.

µC/Probe can read from and write to the memory (or I/O) of just about any embedded processor during run…

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TI opts for Linux based on Mainline kernel

Texas Instruments has introduced a Linux software development kit (SDK) based on a Mainline Linux kernel for its Sitara range of microcontrollers.

TI said it is committed to Mainline Linux and collaborates with the community to provide annual support of the long-term stable (LTS) kernels within its…

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Programmable power chip can be factory-set for volume

Exar has introduced quad-output step-down power management IC (PMIC) that comes in a programmable flash version for development and a factory-programmed version for production.

Called XRP7720, is has synchronous rectification for efficient 0.6-5.5V outputs, and has two input voltage modes: 4.75-5.5V…

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Freescale expands Kinetis MCU design support, adds Arduino

Freescale Semiconductor has upped the development support for its latest microcontrollers in the Kinetis K series.

The new Kinetis software development kit (SDK) incorporates hardware abstraction layers, RTOS adapters, peripheral drivers, libraries, middleware, utilities, and usage examples.

There is also an mbed-enabled FRDM-K64F development platform which is compatible…

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Lattice offers 3.25Gbit/s SERDES in low power FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor has announced its ECP5 family of small form-factor FPGAs for small-cell basestations and microservers.

These small devices use small LUT4 based logic slices with enhanced routing architecture, dual-channel SERDES to save on silicon area.

Lattice’s approach is to offer small form-factor (10mm x…

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Planar transformers for PoE

Coilcraft has released two series of surface mount planar transformers for power over Ethernet (PoE) and -48V network power.

PL160 is rated for 160Watt 200-700kHz with a nominal 48 V input, and PL300 is rated for 300W.

Dc resistance is as low as 7.2mOhms and leakage inductance can…

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Altera offers 40A FPGA power device

Altera has announced the availability of a 40A driver chip for point-of-load power converter designs for powering FPGAs.

The monolithic device integrates a 40A driver with synchronous mosfet and is designed specifically for powering Altera’s Stratix V, Arria 10, and Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs.

It is…

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Solderless LED panel holder

CNX 440 and CNX 460 series panel-mount LED holder provides solder-less LED connection and multiple of LED options.

“The CNX receptacles require no tools for assembly, offering quick and easy threaded connections into a broad selection of panel lenses,” said the manufacturer VCC.

CNX 440 are holders for…

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