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The latest Electronics Weekly product news, ranging from Analogue and Asics to Software and Test.

New topology gives TI 10MHz dc-dc conversion

TI TPS54A20 dc dc

Texas Instruments has unveiled a new dc-dc topology, and with it is claiming industry’s highest current density for a 12V, 10A, 10MHz dc-dc converter at 50A/cm3. Similar to a two-phase buck converter, the added series capacitor allows the switching transistors to operate at half the input voltage, more than halving switching losses, TI energy systems engineer Pradeep Shenoy told Electronics Weekly. ...

LoRa eval kit aimed at metro area networks

Microchip RN2483 RN2903

Microchip has released LoRa wireless evaluation kits, claiming them to be the first on the market. They provide all the components needed to create a low-power 10 mile range network for North America (915MHz, kit DV164140-2) or for Europe (868MHz DV164140-1). Each kit includes two wireless sensors (‘motes’) based on Microchip’s RN2483 or RN2903 LoRa modules, a gateway and a ...

ST and Arduino tie-up for makers


ST and Arduino have agreed to bring STM32 microcontrollers and ST’s full portfolio of sensing, power, and connectivity technology, closer to the Arduino maker community. The first product of the STAR (ST and Arduino) programme is the STM32F469-based STAR Otto baseboard. Now, IoT developers and other makers can build high-performance graphics into their smart devices using accessible hardware and software ...

Rohm feeds NXP MCUs with multi-output power chip

Rohm BD71815GW

Rohm has announced a multi-function power chip (PMIC) for NXP’s i.MX 7Solo and i.MX 7Dual processors. Called BD71815GW, it has five low-quiescent current buck regulators, seven LDOs, a JEITA-compliant 1S charger, a fuel gauge with Coulomb Counter, an LED driver and a real-time clock (RTC), alongside extensive monitoring and protection circuits. All possible processor power modes are supported, said Rohm, ...

TI claims industry’s fastest 14bit ADC


Texas instruments is claiming the fastest 14bit ADC yet with one that works at 3Gsample/s, delivering “an instantaneous 1.5GHz-per-channel bandwidth, enabling engineers to implement wideband in-phase and quadrature-component receivers beyond 2.5 GHz”, said the firm. The dual-channel ADC32RF45 can be used for direct RF signal conversion up to 4GHz,” said TI. “The first in a new data converter family, it eliminates up ...

Digi-Key circles the world with ARM’s processor tools


Digi-Key Electronics has expanded its distribution partnership with ARM to include all of Asia. In addition to expanding the reach of the partnership, ARM’s latest Keil MDK Version 5.20 software development kit for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers is also available through Digi-Key. Keil MDK includes the µVision IDE, C/C++ compiler, debugger, Software Component management, and the CMSIS framework. The new MDK-Plus Edition ...

Imagination goes with Debian OS for MIPS64 processors


Imagination is working with the Debian Project to accelerate development of the open source Debian operating system for its 64-bit MIPS processors. As part of its work with the project, Imagination is providing the project several MIPS64 processor based platforms, its calls SDNA-7130, for development and evaluation purposes. The SDNA-7130 (Software Defined Network Appliance) platforms were developed by Rhino Labs ...

16V op amps will require “no trimming”

Circuit diagram - TSX7

STMicroelectronics has introduced the TSX7 series of precision 16V op amps which the supplier claims can eliminate the need for trimming or calibration in the assembled circuit due to their low input-offset voltage, common mode rejection ratio and temperature drift. The op amps are available with an automotive-grade temperature range from -40°C to 125°C. Using an 18V technology, the TSX7 ...

Power converter puts 25W in square inch space


CUI has added two open frame isolated DC-DC converters – the PRD15 and PRD25 series – with outputs of 15W and 25W respectively in one square inch of board space. The modules measure 27.90 x 24.40 x 8.10mm. The PRD15 series features a 4:1 input voltage range of 9-36 or 18-75Vdc, while the PRD25 series provides a 2:1 input voltage ...

Lattice bridge IC brings mobile display interfaces to industrial apps


Lattice Semiconductor has addressed the issue of multiple image sensor and display interface protocols with an FPGA-based bridge chip. Essentially, the device, called CrossLink, is a video interface bridge with a fast MIPI D-PHY capability that delivers up to 4K ultra-HD resolution at 12Gbit/s bandwidth. Protocols supported include MIPI D-PHY, MIPI CSI-2, MIPI DSI, MIPI DPI, CMOS, SubLVDS and LVDS.