Chip makes engine sounds for quiet electric cars

Toshiba has developed an automotive audio amplifier for making quiet electric cars louder.


According to the firm: “In 2011 the European Commission adopted a resolution amendment that manufacturers shall be required to install ‘acoustic vehicle alerting system’ [AVAS] in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, that the sound should be easily indicative of vehicle behaviour, and should sound similar to the sound of a vehicle of the same category equipped with an internal combustion engine.”

TB2909FNG is a 5W audio amplifier that can also be used for reversing alarms and ‘answerback’ confirmation for keyless remote entry.

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The single-ended Class-AB amp is “specifically developed to amplify the simulated sound of a conventional engine”, said Toshiba.

Supply is between 6V and 16V, with the 5W maximum available at 16V with an 8Ω load.

At 0.125W output, total harmonic distortion (THD) is 0.08% and output noise voltage is 50μV.

Functions include: mute, built-in stand-by switch, abnormality detection and protection from: thermal overload, over-voltage, short circuit to GND, short circuit to VCC, and speaker-open.

Packaging is 4.4x5x1mm TSSOP16, and operation is guaranteed between -40 and 110°C.

Inside, the chip is based on the firm’s BiCD-0.13 process, which allows the integration of bipolar transistors, CMOS FETs and high-voltage DMOS elements.



  1. What an opportunity! Buy a Micra & have it sounding like a Ferrari!!

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