Smallest MEMS accelerometer is chipscale

Memsic, a supplier of MEMS sensors, has launched what is one of the industry’s smallest accelerometers.

The device measures just 1.17mm x 1.7mm, in an CSP package, and is available in the UK from BT2000.

The supplier uses patented MEMS-thermal technology for the device which is built using a standard 0.18um CMOS process.

This RoHS Complaint sensor contains no moving parts (such as a ball) and thus eliminates field-reliability and repeatability issues associated with competitive products.

The MXC622xXC sensor detects four orientation positions; shake and shake direction. In addition, it provides X/Y axis acceleration signals with very low 0g offset.

Shock survival is greater than 50,000g.

Operating Supply Voltage from 0.5V to 7V and storage temperatures of -40 to +150 deg C.

An I2C interface is used to communicate with this device and an interrupt pin (INT) is provided for shake and orientation.

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