We’re taking European markets head-on, says ADI

Analog Devices is changing the way it markets its semiconductors in Europe, Pascal Cerruti, Analog Devices, European marketing communications director tells Richard Wilson why.

“We will be more aggressive in the way we market our products,” says Pascal Cerruti, Analog Devices, European marketing communications director.

The semiconductor company plans to change its emphasis from just selling components to selling platforms including reference designs, software and tools as well as silicon.

“This is a new position for the company in Europe,” says Cerruti. 

The more agressive sales strategy is the brainchild of ADI’s vice president of sales for the EMEA region, Carsten Suckrow, who joined the chip company just over a year ago.

Europe accounts for around a quarter of ADI’s sales. There is belief in the company that it can increase its share of the European market, by capitalising on its reputation especially in analogue semiconductor technologies.

The company is aiming for double-digit growth in its European business over the next three years. “We are re-asserting the ADI brand particularly in the analogue world,” says Cerruti. 

“It is all about reaching new markets,” says Cerruti.

The company’s largest market sectors in Europe are automotive and communications. Cerrutti said there is a plan to target new end markets with specific products and platform offerings.

Focus markets include industrial process control, metering systems and instrumentation. “We are looking for new business and new customers in these focus areas,” says Cerruti.

An example of the new strategy was the company’s promotion of its iCoupler digital isolator product family at the end of last year.

Despite the signal isolator market being highly competitive with companies such as Texas Instruments and Avago, ADI believes it has the products to grow its business by targeting specific markets across Europe.

“In a way it is a test case for the new strategy,” says Cerruti.

Rather than just marketing components the company has worked with its distributors Arrow and Silica on evaluation boards.

“We have also designed our own boards and created circuit designs which are available on the website,” says Cerruti.

The company is also reviewing its sales channels in various European countries. It is using its distribution channel to grow business in France and Italy as well as its traditionally strong markets of Germany and the UK.

Cerruti also said the company would work closely with its distributors on new product introductions. “We will launch products through distribution with guaranteed product availability and a strong presence on websites,” says Cerruti.

“There is a real sense of urgency in this now for us,” adds Cerruti.


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