Analogue / Linear / Mixed Signal ICs

In-car motor driver IC has failure detection

Toshiba Electronics has introduced a motor pre-driver IC for safety-critical automotive applications such as electric power steering.

The IC incorporates various failure detection circuits for functional safety. Elements included are battery under voltage detection, over temperature and driver short detection circuits.

The TB9052FNG is suitable for use in…

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Current-voltage monitor has 16-bit precision

Intersil has introduced a family of digital power monitors capable of supporting a wide common mode input voltage range of 0 to 60V.

The ISL2802x range of devices have a 16-bit native resolution sigma-delta ADC (gain error = +/- 0.05% Typ.) for measurement precision and are available as bi…

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ST's audio chip goes from soft to LOUD

STMicroelectronics’ latest audio processor has been designed with a wide dynamic range which allows digital signals with a dynamic range exceeding 130dB to be generated without the need for high-performance ADCs (analogue-to-digital converters).

The STA311B embeds eight audio-processing channels with up to 10 independent user-selectable…

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IQ modulator addresses LTE MIMO linearity

Integrated Device Technology’s latest IQ modulator is designed to interface directly to dual digital-to-analogue converters (DACs). This results in a power budget saving and a reduction in IM3 distortion.

Modulator linearity affects a system’s adjacent channel leakage ratio and has been a design issue in LTE…

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DAC is stable for capacitive loads

Linear Technology’s latest 16-bit voltage output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) has 16 outputs which can be independently configured for one of five selectable unipolar and bipolar output ranges up to ±10V.

“Each rail-to-rail DAC output is capable of sourcing or sinking 10mA with guaranteed load…

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Loud peizo sounders from 3V

From Diodes comes a piezoelectric sounder driver with charge pumps and power stage.

Called PAM8904, it drives sounders at up to 18Vp-p from a 3V power supply.

“Bringing higher volume with a 20Hz to 300kHz signal range, the piezo sounder driver will suit a variety of battery-powered applications…

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NXP adds LED driver for high power lamps

NXP Semiconductors’ latest LED driver IC in its SSL family of products has an integrated mosfet supporting lighting applications up to 18W lamp power like TLED and PAR lamp shape.

The SSL5015/18 non-isolated driver IC has a specified lamp power factor (PF) up to 0.9.

The supplier…

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PCIM: Isolated ΣΔ converter for drives and inverters

Analog Devices is claiming to have industry’s highest accuracy isolated ΣΔ converter for dc and ac current and voltage measurement.

The AD7403 achieves 81dBmin signal-to-noise and distortion ratio (SINAD, at 78ksample/s over -40 to 125°C).

“Higher SINAD enables more accurate current and voltage measurement which improves…

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