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Analogue / Linear / Mixed Signal ICs

The latest Electronics Weekly product news on analogue, linear and mixed-signal ICs.

ADC does S-band direct digitisation in space systems


The EV12AD550 1.5GSample/s analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) from e2v is designed for a high dynamic range at 4.5GHz and S-band direct digitisation in space systems. It removes the need for down conversion stages reducing size and power consumption of the overall system. The design of what the company calls synthetic aperture radar (SAR) Earth observation systems, for example, will be able ...

IQD wideband clock meets 100G Ethernet jitter spec


A range of low jitter clock oscillators from IQD cover a frequency range from 1MHz up to 1.5GHz and can be used for high speed serial interfaces such as Ethernet and PCI Express. The devices, IQXO-940, IQXO-942 and IQXO-944, have a specified phase jitter performance down to between 0.9ps and 0.05ps rms max depending upon the selected frequency and specification. The ...

TI claims industry’s fastest 14bit ADC


Texas instruments is claiming the fastest 14bit ADC yet with one that works at 3Gsample/s, delivering “an instantaneous 1.5GHz-per-channel bandwidth, enabling engineers to implement wideband in-phase and quadrature-component receivers beyond 2.5 GHz”, said the firm. The dual-channel ADC32RF45 can be used for direct RF signal conversion up to 4GHz,” said TI. “The first in a new data converter family, it eliminates up ...

USB-C audio codec handles connector switching

Connexant USB C headset

Conexant has announced two USB-C audio codecs for phone headsets and docking stations. Both CX20985 and CX20899 feature a built-in, four-conductor headset jack interface that supports headphone/headset auto detection, as well as auto-switching between OMTP and CTIA-style headsets without the need for external components. Featuring a stereo 24bit DAC and ADC for music and voice communication applications, CX20985 supports sampling rates ...

Modules combine Microchip touch and 3D gesture sensing

Microchip touch gesture display

Microchip has revealed a pair of linked peripheral modules that can combined projected multi-touch 2D and 3D gesture sensing for microcontrollers. Developed with Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), both are capacitive, with the 3D sensing based on strip electrodes along each edge of the display. A version of its GestIC technology, it can track a hand up to 200mm from the ...

Maxim chip will connect industrial IoT sensor networks


Maxim Integrated has introduced dual-channel transceiver for sensor networks in a small form-factor for industrial IoT designs. The MAX14827 dual-channel, 250mA transceiver meets the requirements of IO-Link sensor networks, and it has a high-voltage function for industrial sensors, including drivers and regulators. For sensors that use a microcontroller, a SPI interface is available with extensive diagnostics. For IO-Link operation, a ...

Clock distribution IC has 3 independent outputs


Linear Technology has introduced a 1.8GHz clock distribution IC with three independent outputs, each with its own divider and phase delay. The device, the LTC6954, has a jitter specification of less than 20femto-second (RMS) additive jitter over the 12kHz to 20MHz bandwidth. This minimises the noise the chip introduces when dividing and distributing its input clock. There are four versions of the ...

First CXPI-compatible transceiver IC

Rohm BD41000F CXPI

Rohm is claiming a first, with a transceiver IC for the CXPI automotive communication protocol – aimed at body control applications such as steering wheel switches, air conditioning and instrument panels. The BiCDMOS chip, called BD41000FJ-C, enables multiplexing between electronic control units (ECUs) to reduce wiring (see diagram). “To decrease weight, many systems adopt LIN for multiplex communication,” said Rohm, claiming: ...

One chip MCU thermocouple interface

Microchip MCP9600

Microchip has released a thermocouple to digital converter accurate to ±1.5°C, claims the firm (0 to +85°C ambient). Called MCP9600, it includes junction compensation, needs no external components except a decoupling capacitor, and works with thermocouple Types K, J, T, N, S, E, B and R (NIST ITS-90). As well as a digital output via I2C, it has four logic-level ...