Rad-hard 30W DC-DC converter has three outputs 2.5, 3.3 and 5V

Product - Microsemi genericMicrosemi is offering a family of radiation-hardened isolated DC-to-DC converters for aerospace applications.

The SB30-100 family is designed for use in space systems and provide single event effect (SEE) rated protection against “total dose” ionized radiation that can change the operating state of a device and cause it to malfunction.

The radiation-hardened DC-to-DC converters provide three independent isolated outputs typically at +5.0, +3.3 and +2.5V at 30W total, which are each adjustable to +/- 10%.

Each output has its own pulse width modulation (PWM), enabling an output rail to be virtually immune to multiple simultaneous switching outputs (SSOs) on an adjacent rail.




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