Rohm linear regulator has low quiescent current

Rohm Semiconductor has introduced linear regulators and switching regulators based on low quiescent current technology.

The BD7xxLx series is available in HTSOP-J8 packages.

The linear regulators feature 45V absolute maximum voltage, an output voltage accuracy of ±2%, 200mA or 500mA output current and 6.5?A (Typ.) current consumption.

Low saturation voltage is achieved by using a PMOS output transistor and ceramic capacitors can be used for compensation of the output capacitor phase.

The BD9901x series is available in a HTSSOP-B24 package offers low Iq DCDC regulators for a maximum input voltage of 42V, 2A output current and a quiescent current consumption of typ. 22?A.

Integrated mosfets serve as synchronous rectifier and the switching frequency is scaled from 200k to 500kHz.

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