Congatec module supports Pin-out Type 6

Congatec has the conga-TS67 low-power module which supports Pin-out Type 6 and provides improved display options and additional PCI Express lanes.

Pin-out Type 6 is designed for the implemented Intel QM67 Express chipset series and future generations.

In addition to VGA and LVDS, it provides three digital display interfaces, which can each be configured for DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI and which – in contrast to Type 2 modules – are no longer multiplexed.

Type 6 also features a PEG (PCI Express Graphics) port enabling the connection of additional graphics components for maximum display support in gaming and medical applications.

The COM express module is available in four Intel Core processor versions, from the Intel Celeron 807UE processor (1M Cache, 1.0GHz) with 10W TDP to the Intel Core i7 2610UE dual core processor (4M Cache, 1.50GHz) with 17W TDP and up to 8GB dual-channel DDR3 memory (1333 MHz).

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