Lattice superMHL chipset supports 4K video on USB Type -C

Lattice Semiconductor is targeting the upgraded version of the USB connector, known as Type-C, with a transceiver which will support 4K video with concurrent USB 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2 data.

Abdullah Raouf

Abdullah Raouf

The transmitter and receiver pair conform to the new superMHL video interface standard that can deliver and receive 4K 60 frames per second over a two-wire differential pair with the USB Type-C connector in “alt mode”.

According to Abdullah Raouf, senior marketing manager at Lattice Semiconductor: “Other video solutions require four lanes to deliver 4K 60fps, which inhibits concurrent 4K video with USB 3.1 data.”

The Type-C connector, as it is called, is expected to take over from the micro USB as the standard connector for multi-gigabit USB 3.1 interfaces.

It will support the 10Gbit/s data rates compared with the 5Gbit/s maximum of USB 3.0, which will make it a practical alternative to today’s HDMI connectors on your television.

The SiI8630 transmitter can take an input from HDMI 2.0 transmitters already integrated into the application processor and directly interfaces with a USB 2.0-enabled Type-C connector without the need for additional high-speed switches.

The SiI9396 receiver can be used to connect USB Type-C mobile and PC interfaces to HDMI displays and USB devices such as keyboards, mice and external storage.

This is a product line Lattice acquired with its Silicon Image purchase and the superMHL devices will support connections to MHL1, 2, and 3 enabled products.


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