Rohm offers 1200V SiC mosfet with own Schottkty

Rohm Semiconductor has developed a 1200V SiC (Silicon Carbide) power mosfet designed for inverters and converters in power conditioners for industrial devices and photovoltaic power generation.

The SCH2080KE integrates an SiC mosfet and Schottky barrier diode into a single package.

This minimises forward voltage that was problematic in previous SiC power mosfet body diodes. As a result, the SCH2080KE reduces operating power loss by 70% or more compared to Si IGBTs used in general inverters.

“This not only provides lower switching loss, but also enables compatibility with smaller peripheral components by supporting frequencies above 50kHz,” said the supplier.

Current Si IGBTs commonly used in 1200V-class inverters and converters cause power switching loss due to tail current or recovery of the external FRD, bringing a need for SiC power mosfets capable of operating with low switching loss at high frequencies.

However, conventional SiC power mosfets were plagued with numerous reliability problems, including characteristic degradation due to body diode conduction (e.g. increased ON resistance, forward voltage, and resistance degradation) and failures of the gate oxide film, making full-scale integration impossible.

There is also the SCT2080KE, an SiC power MOSFET with no internal SiC SBD. Both the SCH20801KE and SCT2080KE can be configured based on customer requirements.


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