Custom enclosures for Arduinos, Beagles, and …

04dec13HammondCase 400Hammond Electronics has launched a range of moulded enclosures for specific credit card-sized computers.

Initially the supported computers are: Arduino Uno, Due and Mega; Beaglebone (pictured) and Beaglebone Black; and the Freescale Freedom.

Enclosures for the Arduino Tre and Intel Galileo are in the pipeline.

“Although broadly similar in size and shape, there are inevitable differences in the positioning of I/O, power and expansion ports on each design,” said Hammond.

The designs are based on the firm’s 1593 family, and are available in translucent blue, grey or black.

“Each version is configured for the particular design of board, with machined slots, cut-outs and apertures in the cover and end panels. In some variants, the covers are moulded with the required access points. The new format of development boards are aimed at both professional developers and hobbyists,” said the firm.

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