Farnell introduces unique peel packaging for integrated circuits

Farnell the leading multi-channel, high service distributor supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals globally has introduced an innovative and unique packaging solution for Integrated Circuits (ICs) that will benefit its customers worldwide.

Peel packaging offers complete protection to each individual component in transit, storage and handling by placing them within a protective, recyclable and biodegradable plastic cell which is then sealed with an anti-static lid.

The new packaging is offered at no extra charge and gives a host of other important benefits to customers that include: clear product identification with batch number, Farnell part number and manufacturer part code, reduced risk of moisture ingress and easy quantity counting.

Peel packaging has been developed by Farnell in conjunction with Antistat – experts in providing supply chain and packaging solutions to the electronics, medical and automotive markets.
Initially, over 800 of Farnell’s most popular ICs with case sizes between 7mm x 7mm and 10mm x 10mm are being offered with the new packaging as standard.
Product categories include: amplifiers, A to D converters, D to A converters, microcontrollers, and processors. Subsequent phases of the program will see peel packaging extended to a significant portion of the company’s complete IC product range.

Commenting on the introduction of peel packaging, Peter Davies, Director of Product Development, said: “The closeness of Farnell’s relationship with the design engineering community enabled us to recognise a real need in the market for the improved packaging of ICs. Peel Packaging is truly innovative and not only provides more effective protection against static and physical damage, but also aids storage and quantity counting and a lot more besides.”

Reinforcing its commitment to continually improving packaging materials and methodology, and to addressing green issues, Farnell has also introduced another new process at its Leeds, UK warehousing facility. This sees air-filled plastic ‘void fill’ materials replaced with an environmentally friendly alternative based on recyclable paper from sustainable sources.
At the same time the company is migrating to packing boxes manufactured from recyclable materials. In support of the use of the new materials, Farnell has also invested in new, energy efficient high-speed packaging machines.
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For further information, contact Farnell on 08701 200 200 or sales@farnell.co.uk.

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