µLED technology demo board from InfiniLED

InfiniLED has released a demo board for it micro-LEDs.

InfiniLED demo board

InfiniLED demo board

“The board includes three µLED designs,” said InfiniLED. “The µLEDs are: a single pixel emitter with a diameter of 20µm, a cluster of 37 emitters emitting in parallel, and a mini-array of three individually switching 20µm pixels.”

For comparison, there is also a 20µm standard LED, without the patented µLED technology.

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The credit card-sized board, available from the firm’s website, includes a battery and can also be driven from a USB port.

Cork-based InfiniLED claims its technology brings together benefits of LEDs and lasers – providing a collimated beam directly from the chip, high intensity (up to 300W/cm2 has been demonstrated over small areas, it claims) and low switch on currents.

“The demonstrator highlights only a small amount of the potential of the µLED technology. Maximum benefits can be achieved by optimising the performance parameters for the needs of the application,” said InfiniLED. “To do this the µLED can be fabricated in a number of designs and chip sizes. This allows their efficient use when coupling to areas with diameters less than 20µm, in clusters for coupling to larger areas or in a number of array designs for the controlled illumination of areas.”

See InfiniLED at Photonics West (4-6th February), and BiOS (1st-2nd February).

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