Flexible and transparent OLEDs at LG

LG Display has developed an 18inch flexible OLED display, and another one that is flat, but transparent.

LG 18inch rollable display

The flexible display has 1,200×810 resolution and can be rolled around a 60mm cylinder while working – made possible in part by using a polyimide film substrate and organic thin-film transistors.

“This proves that LG Display can bring rollable TVs of more than 50inch to the market in the future,” said the firm.

LG transparent displayThe transparent 18inch OLED has 30% transmittance and LG has “lowered the haze of the panel to a level of 2%,” it said. “Considering that the transmittance of existing transparent LCD panels is around 10%, this panel offers significantly improved transmittance.”

By 2017 the firm believes it will have an “Ultra HD” flexible and transparent OLED panel of over 60inch with more than 40% transmittance and a minimum curve diameter of 200mm.

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