Cree hits 113 lm/W for LED high-bay luminaire

Cree has announced the next generation of its LED-based CXB high-bay luminaire, claiming 113 lm/W for the 160W, 18,000 lm (median) version and 100 lm/W for the 240W, 24,000 lm version. CRI is at least 80.

Cree CXB high-bay luminaire

“It also includes an improved thermal system, ensuring high reliability over its 100,000-hour rated lifetime and an updated lens mounting and edge design,” said the firm, which intends the devices to replace HID lamps up to 400W.

In each case, this included the mains power supply – there are versions for 120-277V and 347-480V. 4,000K and 5,000K colour temperatures are available.

Indiana gym after Cree CXB high-bay luminaireThe firm is trumpeting an installation of the high-bay luminaire in the gymnasium of Connersville High School in Indiana.

“Prior to installing LED luminaires, it took eight minutes for the gym’s lights to reach full brightness,” said Cree, adding that light levels went from 30 to 70 foot candles with improved colour rendering while halving energy use. “The existing 26 fixtures – 400W metal halide high-bay lights – had grown dim over time,” it said.

23,000 lm 4,000K versions were used, swapped one for one for the HID lamps. Power went from 458 to 230W per luminaire.

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