Cree puts most light into smallest lighting LED

Cree has stretched the output of its 1.6×1.6mm XQ LED package.

09oct13CreeXQEpencil 400

Called XQ-E, the device gets the 1mm die from its XP-E2 LED, and a domed XQ package with a 110° output.

09oct13CreeXQEComp 400“Optically it is actually the same as XP-E2,” Cree marketing manager Paul Scheidt told Electronics Weekly. “It is a much smaller building block to mix for colour-change because it has much better lumen density. We are going to make white and RGB all available at the same time.”

09oct13CreeXQ-Ewhite 40009oct13CreeXQ-Ered 400Characterised at 85°C, whites are available from 2,700 to 6,200K, with minimum CRI options of 70 and 80.

Peak planned white output is 287 lm at 3W, 85°C.

White left, red right

Thermal resistance is down, to 7°C/W from 9°C/W of the XP-E, said Scheidt.
Applications are expected in portable, indoor directional, architectural and vehicle lighting.

09oct13CreeXQ-Eblue 40009oct13CreeXQ-Egreen 400White samples are available now, and colour LED samples will be available in late October.

Blue left, green right



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