Electronica 2012: Densitron launches e-paper display kit

Densitron will introduce a proprietary e-paper evaluation kit and RipDraw display and design solution at Electronica in Munich next month.

Densitron will also introduce its new optical bonding facility and capability to add cover lenses or PCTs to any display using a reworkable process.

The RipDraw introduction includes the launch of Densitron’s Cloud Computing Web Portal for prototyping world class GUI designs for TFT projects. 

Not only does the portal include a 7 layer intuitive WYSIWYG Drawing tool, it also comes fully populated with over 8,000 copyrighted royalty-free images for customers to use with the RipDraw TFT product line. This removes the barrier most mid-market customers confront if they lack the art department to fully utilize a TFT display. 

This coupled with the release of the RipDraw TFT emulator and initial release of the RipDraw 7in  WVGA 1024 x 600 GPU assisted TFT display greatly reduces time to market and results in extraordinary cost effective GUI solutions for our customers.

E-paper Evaluation Kits will be launched for screen sizes of 1.44, 2.0 and 2.7in. 

Each kit comes with a controller board and a data and power board.  The latter board receives data and power from PC USB interface and supplies data and power to the controller board via a UART or SPI interface.

For applications that require enhanced displays, Densitron offers Engineering Design Service (EDS) which offers options on integrating standard or custom display modules with PCB, Plastics, Keypads and/or Touch Overlays.

Densitron’s stand number is A3.251.

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