Electronica: Epson supports flexible displays at Plastic Logic

Epson has announced a controller-driver module for flexible E Ink-style displays based around Plastic Logic’s organic thin-film transistor (TFT) arrays.

Except for TFT gate drivers, the module (S1D13541) combines the blocks needed to control electrophoretic displays (the technology behind E Ink) from 1-5in.

There are four display pipelines, which can be used in parallel to represent up to 16 levels of grey, 480 TFT source driver outputs, waveform memory, DC/DC boost circuit to generate “all required display voltages”, said Epson, and a temperature sensor. Display resolutions up to 480×854 are supported.

“In combination with an external TFT gate driver, it allows display technology from Plastic Logic to be used in a broad range of applications, including healthcare and automotive applications, as well as in mobile devices and smart cards,” said Epson.

According to Plastic Logic, it can manufacture flexible plastic monochrome and colour electrophoretic displays from 1 to 20in, which are under 400µm thick and bendable down to 15mm radius.

“In recent years Epson has concentrated its development on electrophoretic displays controllers for eBook customers. Our next objective is to expand our product range to include industrial and other applications,” said Manfred Wittmeir, IC department manager at Epson.

Plastic Logic displays are on Epson Europe Electronics’ stand at Electronica from tomorrow – hall A4, stand 224

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