Full LED forward lighting for Ford pick-up

All forward lighting on some 2015 Ford F-150s will be LED from Osram – dipped beam, high beam, turn indicators, parking light and control module.

Osram Ford all LED headlight

The lighting was designed with US headlight manufacturer Flex-N-Gate, and will be made in Osram’s Hillsboro plant in New Hampshire.

It looks like this vehicle is not getting the laser technology which Osram is supplying for the BMW i8 – where a high-power semiconductor laser shines through a phosphor to add intensity to the centre of a headlight beam without the need for large diameter optics. (see below)

“High beam from a laser module offers the greatest beam range and therefore better visibility for the driver and greater road safety,” said Osram.

On the subject of laser headlamps, Electronics Weekly asks:

Does anyone know what collision eye-safety precautions, or end-of-life public access precautions, are being taken with the high-power semiconductor lasers inside laser headlights, and is there any applicable legislation in the pipeline?

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