German government backs OLED lighting research project

OLED lighting got a boost today when Osram, Philips, BASF and Aixtron confirmed the German Government is to fund a research project.

TOPAS 2012 is the second phase of the OLED 2015 initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

TOPAS stands for ‘thousand lumen organic phosphorescent devices for applications in lighting systems’.

“In this project, the consortium partners will focus on developing innovative material and component architectures and well as production machines for lighting solutions with highly efficient OLEDs,” said Philips. “In doing so, the partners can build on successful joint developments from the previous project ‘OPAL 2008’, which was also sponsored by the BMBF.”

Within the project group BASF focuses on efficient and stable blue emitters, OSRAM on transparent OLEDs with an area of 1 square meter, Philips on monolithic OLED systems with 1000 lumen output, and Aixtron on production equipment deposition concepts based on organic vapour-phase deposition.

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