Harvard LED light engines drive 40mm wide luminaries

Harvard Engineering’s latest LED light engine are designed for driving both 24mm and 40mm wide strip lighting luminaires in both high and low voltage variants.

CoolLED driver

CoolLED drivers

There are also panel light engines and a circular light engine.

The strip light engines; LER1, LER2, LER3 and LER4 are available in 280mm and 560mm lengths, with Zhaga compliance.

The low voltage panel light engines are 270mm x 270mm (LER5) and 242mm x 260mm (LER6), LEC1, the circular light engine, comes in 200mm Diameter.

NTC temperature sensor options and Emergency options are available on LEC1, LER3, LER4, LER5 and LER6.

The light engines are designed to provide light source of up to 143lm/W with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 and are available in a 3000 or 4000 Kelvin colour temperature with 3500K coming soon.

Harvard has also developed the CLS LED driver, available in 80W with DALI touch Dim and non-dim versions. A 40W version of the driver will be launched later this year.

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