Irish firm claims LED power density record

Cork-based InfiniLED is claiming record LED optical beam intensity – 1mW of light from a 20µm pixel at 405nm, which is over 300W/cm2.


It is the highest recorded for a commercially available LED type device,” said the firm, which is a spin-out of the Tyndall National Institute of Cork in Ireland.

Branded MicroLEDs, the emitters have a parabolic reflector etched into the semiconductor material.

“This places an optical component directly at the site of light generation and at the most effective position for control of the light produced,” said InfiniLED. “By directing the generated light through a single surface of the semiconductor it can be efficiently collected and used in the wider system.”

The LEDs can be fabricated as a single pixel, pixel clusters, or as addressable arrays.

Single pixels produce light with a few nA, and the firm is claiming high switching speeds, although results from research at Tyndall have not yet been published.

“This device can be seen as a cross-over between the power and collimation of a laser and the simplicity of an LED,” said InfiniLED chief commercial officer Dr Bill Henry. “Optical density greater than 300W/cm2 was achieved without the need for external optics indicating the potential for further improvement of the performance.”

The company is developing light sources for medical diagnostics, printing and battery powered consumer electronics.

“The first products with MicroLEDs incorporated will be on the market shortly and we look forward to new releases in the near future,” said Henry.

InfiniLED will demonstrate its technology at BiOS (booth 8929) and Photonic West (booth 5234) in San Francisco in February.

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