L+B: EnOcean wireless light switches go to 2.4GHz

Self-powered energy-harvesting wireless light switch firm EnOcean is showing 2.4GHz products at Light + Building, adding to its 868, 902 and 928MHz coverage.

EnOcean PTM535Z

Power comes from its established ECO 200 electromechanical energy converter.

Manufacturers of 2.4GHz products can now integrate EnOcean energy harvesting in their portfolio for battery-less wireless room-level control,” said the firm.

EnOcean PTM2xy2.4GHz products include:

PTM 215ZE – radio push-button transmitter module, mechanically compatible with PTM 21x sub-1 GHz module

PTM 535Z – radio transmitter module, combined with ECO 200, is smaller than the PTM 215ZE

TCM 515Z -radio transceiver with ESP3 interface for use in actuators, gateways and controllers

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