LED Lighting Systems – Your Electronics Weekly guide

As the semiconductor technology keeps developing, LED lighting systems are becoming increasingly important and prevalent. Whether it be general home lighting or automotive applications, such as car rear light clusters, this article brings together all Electronincs Weekly content related to LEDs and lighting, under one umbrella – “LED Lighting Systems – Your Electronics Weekly guide”.

TSR intelliSSL smart MR16 LED

For example, there is the history of LED lighting systems. Our technology editor Steve Bush has produced a history of the LED. He begins:

Back in 1960 Electronics Weekly was born into a ferment of III-V semiconductor research that within two years would produce the first practical LED.

In 1960 Dr Nick Holonyak of General Electric was developing an unusual material, GaAsP, as a route to wide bandgap tunnel diodes.

From the deepest history of Marconi’s assistant, Henry Round, reporting light emission from carborundum (raw silicon carbide) in 1907, and a self-educated Russian scientist, Oleg Losov, also noticing light emission from SiC in the 1920s, it goes on to cover Bell Labs in the more modern age, MIT, Monsanto, and Naruhito Iwasa…

Moving things right up to date, there are also guides to costing LEDs, to LED optics, ensuring LED lighting systems safety, and OLEDs, as well as a colour rendering guide…

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