LED module is 50W HID halogen replacement

Ismosys has released details of Sharp Microelectronics 50W LED module which is capable of replacing traditional 50W HID halogen lamps in the same performance class.

The 50W Mega Zeni features a luminous efficiency of between 3590 and 4770 lm, a light output of up to 100 lm/W in standard operating mode and a long service life of 40,000 hours at an operating temperature of up to 90°C.

“Compared to halogen lamps the 50W Mega Zeni LED array exhibits a much lower decrease in brightness over time and at 40,000 hours, a much longer overall service life,” said Ismosys managing director, Nigel Watts.

Designed for a forward voltage of 50V and a forward current of 950 mA, the module can also be operated with a standard power source of 1050mA.

The round light emitting surface (LES) of the new 50W Mega Zeni module comprises a total of 160 LEDs, sub-divided into ten parallel-connected rows of sixteen.

“The flat surface of the ceramic plate and the soldering points provided enable the module to be easily attached to a suitable heat sink without additional connecting material, thus ensuring excellent heat dissipation,” said Watts.

“The design of the module’s electrical wiring also leads to lower thermal stress as heat is evenly distributed and dissipated across the entire surface of the matrix,” said Watts.

The LES is fitted evenly with LEDs from edge-to-edge in order to avoid the formation of multiple shadows. This is intended to make it easier to focus the optics (lens, reflector) onto a single light emitting surface.

The colour temperature of the new white light LED lighting components ranges from 2700 to 4000 Kelvin.

The CRI values and colour temperatures of the new  Mega Zeni LED modules correspond to the requirements of the international Energy Star programme.

The Sharp 50W Mega Zeni LED module is sampling today, initially in 3000 and 4000K colour temperatures versions.


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