Lumileds boosts Luxeon Z ES range

Lumileds has increased the efficacy of its 1.6×2.0mm un-lensed Luxeon Z ES range, first introduced in March 2013.

Lumileds Luxeon Z ES

See the table below for new output figures.

“In addition to upgraded performance across the existing portfolio, Lumileds has introduced 4,000K and 5,700K emitters in the 90 CRI range to address needs in stadium and museum lighting,” said the firm.

Un-domed emitters allow smaller diameter optics to be used for the same beam width compared with domed optics – ‘more punch’ as the marketeers are apt to say, although overall efficacy is reduced.

Also, without a dome the package can be smaller, allowing higher packing density.

According to the firm it is suited to “applications requiring tight beam angles such as spotlights, down-lights, retrofit lamps and street lights”.

Colour binning is interesting, with 5, 3 and the “first-ever”, claims Lumileds, 1 step MacAdam Ellipse options.

CRIs of 70, 80 and 90 CRI are now available.



LUXEON Z ES Previous

Typ lm @ 700mA 85C Tj

April 2014

Typ lm @ 700mA 85C Tj

% increase
70 CRI
4000K 210 240 14%
5000K 215 245 14%
5700K 215 245 14%
6500K 245
2200K 150
2700K 175 185 6%
2700K HV 165
3000K 180 195 8%
3500K 190 205 8%
4000K 195 220 8%
5000K 220
90 CRI
2700K 135 160 18%
3000K 145 170 17%
4000K 180
5700K 190



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