Mid-power infra-red LED in mini-scale package

Surveillance and machine vision are targets for a compact 500mA infra-red LED from Osram.

Osram Oslon Compact infra-red

Osram Oslon Compact infra-red

In a 1.6×1.2×0.8mm package, the Oslon Compact SFH 4710 has a typical output of 270mW at hardly-visible 850nm wavelength. Inside is a 0.75×0.75mm chip.

“It is a welcome addition to the product portfolio of Osram Opto Semiconductors, occupying the output range between Power TopLED and Oslon Black,” said the firm, adding that it is half the footprint of Oslon Black.

Emission angle is +/-65°.

“Without external optics the IRED covers the near-field range of a few meters and is therefore suitable for eye tracking and gesture detection,” said Osram. “With external optics it is ideal for illumination in surveillance applications and for machine vision pattern recognition and 3D measurement because the wavelength is barely perceptible to the human eye but can be easily detected by camera systems.”

Oslon Compact SFH 4710 at a glance:
850nm wavelength
+/-65° beam
270mW out typical at..
500mA in

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