Partnership to put OLEDs into TVs and PCs

A joint development partnership between Semprius and Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) is expected to speed the manufacture of OLED (organic light emitting diode) backplanes for flat panel displays.

US-based Semprius has patented semiconductor printing technology which can be applied to flat panel backplanes, which incorporate the drive circuits.

CDT will integrate this new backplane technology into their 14-inch development line at the company’s Godmanchester campus near Cambridge, UK.

“High-quality, high-mobility TFT backplanes are essential to achieve optimal performance from OLEDs,” said David Fyfe, CEO of CDT.

Semprius’ micro-transfer printing process allows transfer printing of high-performance semiconductors onto different surfaces, including glass, flexible and rigid plastic, metal and other semiconductor materials.

Semprius will focus on using its patented process to transfer single crystal silicon semiconductors onto the backplane, thereby increasing overall display performance.

“The Semprius technology, using single crystal silicon semiconductors, offers potential for a low-capital, low-cost approach to achieving this, and we are very excited to be exploring its application to polymer OLED displays,” said Fyfe.

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