Supertex power LED driver works from 8 to 450V

Supertex has introduced a power LED driver that works from 8-450V, requiring only one external mosfet and a handful of passives.

Dubbed HV9961, it provides current accuracy of +/-3% and requires no loop compensation or high-side current sensing because of Supertex’ proprietary average-mode control scheme.

The IC features hiccup-mode LED short-circuit protection and both linear and PWM dimming.

“The HV9961 employs a novel circuit architecture to achieve fast and accurate output current control,” said v-p of marketing Ahmed Masood. “With its wide input voltage range, this device is suited for a host of LED applications such as street, architectural, decorative, and industrial lighting, as well as backlighting LCD screens.”

Available in SOIC-8 and SOIC-16 packages, the device is pin-compatible with the firm’s HV9910B LED driver but has far better output current regulation as output voltage changes.

A 21W demo board is available that will drive 350mA into a 20-60V series string of LEDs from 90-265Vac.

Samples of the 8pin version are available from stock, with the 16pin version available in three weeks.

Production lead time is 4-6 weeks.


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