TI LED lighting design kit has power management

Texas Instruments has introduced the TMS320C2000 Piccolo microcontroller DC/DC LED developer’s kit.

The LED controller kit will allow lighting system designers to incorporate dimming, colour tone adjustment, power line communication and fault detection.

The kit supports multiple power configuration options, modular Piccolo controlCARDs and a detachable LED panel.

It comes complete with all of the open source hardware and software needed to jumpstart design of energy-efficient LED electronics, including backlighting, street lighting and building automation lighting.

Piccolo F28035 controlCARD provides 60MHz of 32-bit performance, 14 PWM outputs, a 12-bit, 4.6Msample/s ADC and 128kbyte of flash memory.

Digitally controlled buck/boost DC/DC 12-24V power conversion stage allows developers to adjust voltage to match varying LED configurations.

Eight independent 5W LED strings allow current sensing for features like individual brightness adjustment and blown string detection.


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