White mouldable plastic reflects 98% of LED light

Dow Corning has introduced a highly reflective moulding compound for LED lighting.

22jan14DowCorning 255

Called MS-2002, it is a silicone that “delivers mechanical, thermal and optical stability at temperatures exceeding 150°C. It targets reflectivity as high as 98%”, said the firm.

With this temperature capability, it can be used in contact with LED die – no air gap is required.

“Unlike epoxies, polycarbonate, acrylic and other LED materials, it retains colour, reflectance and mechanical performance over the lifetime of an LED lamp or luminaire without yellowing or physical degradation,” claimed Dow.

The firm already makes transparent moulding compounds for lenses.

Mould undercuts are permitted, as is or co-moulding of white and transparent materials. It exhibits 84 Shore A hardness.

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