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Micron intros 8Gbit DDR3 SDRAM for social media

Micron Technology has introduced a monolithic 8Gbit DDR3 SDRAM component based on its 25nm DRAM manufacturing process.

DDR3 DRAMs are targeted at the enterprise market.
“The ability to scale with our customers’ accelerating memory demand was a key driver in developing this 8Gb DDR3 design,” said Robert Feurle, vice president…

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Micron introduces terabyte SSD using 20nm flash

Micron Technology has announced a terabyte solid state drive (SSD) which it claims will have quick boot-up and will draw as little as 0.15W during normal operation.

The NAND flash drive has a speed of up to 95,000 input/output operations per second. The drive’s sequential…

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ST claims "smallest" EEPROM package

STMicroelectronics has made its smallest ever serial EEPROM in a package measuring just 1.4mm x 1.7mm.

The UFDFPN5 package, which is also known as MLP5, is 40% smaller than UFDFPN8, until now the smallest package size in widespread use, and weighs 56% less at only 7mg.

The first…

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Vertical NAND avoids scaling issues

The pressure to find an alternative mainstream non-volatile memory to NAND is now much less urgent following the development of vertical NAND structures which stack memory cells on top of eachother…

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Toshiba flash memory has 160MB/s read speed

Altera details 0.35µm CPLD Richard Wilson Altera continues to up the technology specifications in the complex programmable logic (CPLD) market with details of its first 0.35µm four layer metal device, which it claims will support densities up to 250,000 gates. While admitting that the large…

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IM Flash to sample 128Gbit memory in January

  IM Flash, the Intel-Micron NAND flash jv, is to sample a 128Gbit MLC memory made on a 20nm process in January with mass production scheduled for the first half of the year.

  The promise of the part is that eight stacked die can deliver a 1Tbit memory package.


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Microsemi military-grade DDR3 SDRAM in BGA

Microsemi has introduced a DDR3 SDRAM memory device that is packaged in a single plastic ball grid array (PBGA) and offered as a compact x64/x72 unregistered dual in-line memory module (UDIMM )/small outline dual in-line memory module (SODIMM).

It provides up to 4Gbyte compact memory densities for…

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Apacer offers solid-state drives for industrial

Memory maker Apacer has introduced two solid-state drives for industrial computers.

Called SAFD 25M3 (2.5in.) and SAFD 18S3 (1.8in.), they have single-level cell flash memory for reduced error rate, and a built-in 7+15pin SATA connector.

Maximum capacity is 16Gbyte, they can operate from -40…

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