Elpida makes $960m fab investment

Japanese DRAM giant Elpida Memory and its Hiroshima Elpida Memory subsidiary said they have begun the first phase of investment for manufacturing equipment for a second 300mm wafer fabrication facility, E300-Fab2.

As part of Elpida’s plan for the E300-Fab2, Hiroshima Elpida is to place purchase orders for the manufacturing equipment to allow for 15,000 wafers per month production, including 1,000 wafers allocated to R&D.

When completed, total planned capacity for the fab is 60,000 wafers per month.

Elpida plans to spend more than $960m (Yen100bn) in this phase of investment.

Mass production at the fab is scheduled to begin in December, with capacity of 15,000 wafers per month available by Q1 2006.

Further, Elpida pointed out that its E300-Fab2 emphasises “earth-friendly production” through various activities such as the installation of manufacturing equipment considered to be environmentally safe.

Hiroshima Elpida said it would further enhance its environmentally conscious approach to production at the E300-Fab2 by aiming to reduce carbon dioxide discharge by more than 20 per cent.

In addition, Hiroshima Elpida has been adapting a Co-Generation System (CGS), a thermoelectric energy supply equipment using natural gas, for use in the E300-Fab2, expected to contribute to energy conservation and CO2/NOX reduction by comprehensively using steam generated during private electrical power generation.


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