Fujitsu samples Quad SPI FRAM

Fujitsu is sampling a Quad SPI FRAM. By using four bi-directional I/O pins, the  device can reach a data transfer rate of 54MByte/s at an operating frequency of 108MHz.


Called MB85RQ4ML, it is over four times as fast as Fujitsu’s existing parallel 4Mbit FRAM device and outperforms the 45ns parallel SRAM, the company says.

MB85RQ4ML is offered in an SOP-16 package – whereas the parallel devices of the same density are housed in TSOP-44 or TSOP-48 packages – and achieves a 50% package size reduction and a 60% pin count reduction..

The low pin count contributes  to a simplified circuit routing on the PCB. As a result, the PCB space needed can be reduced to a large extent, according to Fujitsu. Besides its high speed it offers the usual FRAM characteristics  like non-volatility and high endurance of 10 trillion read/write cycles.

Since power is not required to retain the data written in the memory, the device can replace battery backed-up SRAMs.

While the conventional memory architecture of embedded systems consists of a RAM and a non-volatile memory, MB85RQ4ML can, in many applications, replace both kinds of memory technologies and offer a unified memory technology in one chip, with a simpler and more stable system architecture.

MB85RQ4ML operates at a voltage range of 1.7V-1.95V. Both Quad SPI and single SPI interfaces are supported. Among Fujitsu’s serial FRAM portfolio, this 4Mbit device represents the highest density on offer.

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