TI opts for Linux based on Mainline kernel

Texas Instruments has introduced a Linux software development kit (SDK) based on a Mainline Linux kernel for its Sitara range of microcontrollers.

TI said it is committed to Mainline Linux and collaborates with the Kernel.org community to provide annual support of the long-term stable (LTS) kernels within its…

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Freescale expands Kinetis MCU design support, adds Arduino

Freescale Semiconductor has upped the development support for its latest microcontrollers in the Kinetis K series.

The new Kinetis software development kit (SDK) incorporates hardware abstraction layers, RTOS adapters, peripheral drivers, libraries, middleware, utilities, and usage examples.

There is also an mbed-enabled FRDM-K64F development platform which is compatible…

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IAR toolchain supports Freescale HCS12 MCUs

IAR Systems has released an updated version of its development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for 16-bit HCS12 microcontrollers from Freescale.

A new feature is the IAR C/C++ Compiler for HCS12 uses the ISO/IEC 9899:1999 standard, known as C99, as the default C language.

Version 4.10…

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Simple PICs get more peripherals

Microchip has increased the number of analogue peripherals and added pin mapping to its general-purpose MCUs.

“The PIC16F170x  – PIC16F171x family features core-Independent peripherals, such as the configurable logic cell [CLC], complementary output generator [COG] and numerically controlled oscillator [NCO].” said the firm. “These self-sustaining peripherals are designed…

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Microchip brings power budget of projected touch into realm of wearables

Microchip Technology has introduced a very low power range of projected-capacitive touch controllers.

The device has configurable sleep/idle frame rates with active mode power as low as 12µA.

Likely applications include wearable devices such as headphones, watches, fitness wristbands, and track pads.

“The MTCH6102 provides developers with…

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Simplified Linux-based design for Renesas RZ/A1H MCUs

Silica has introduced a development board in its ArchiTech range, which has been optimised for Linux based designs incorporating the Renesas RZ/A1H microcontroller.

It has been optimised to have a small memory footprint together with a BSP (Board Support Package) for the on-board peripherals, minimising development time.


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Freescale aims to accelerate ARM in automotive designs

Freescale Semiconductor is bidding to widen the adoption of ARM Cotrex-based microcontrollers in automotive designs with its latest Kinetis series of microcontrollers.

Intended for body electronics applications, Freescale makes great play of speeding up the design process and claims that it will be possible to develop “initial prototypes in…

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XMOS qualifies to AEC-Q100 for automotive

XMOS is chasing automotive business by qualifying its multi-core microcontrollers to AEC-Q100.

“The xCORE architecture is a fit for many applications in the automotive space, from infotainment and driver assistance to powertrain control,” said Dr Paul Neil, v-p of product management at the firm.

“Completing AEC-Q100…

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