Microchip brings power budget of projected touch into realm of wearables

Evaulation board

Evaulation board

Microchip Technology has introduced a very low power range of projected-capacitive touch controllers.

The device has configurable sleep/idle frame rates with active mode power as low as 12µA.

Likely applications include wearable devices such as headphones, watches, fitness wristbands, and track pads.

“The MTCH6102 provides developers with a flexible touch-sensing solution for smaller touch areas to optimise common constraints of size, power and cost that are critical to applications such as wearable devices, remote controls, gaming devices and track pads,” said Fanie Duvenhage, director of Microchip’s human-machine interface division.

Designated the MTCH6102 will implement scanning for touchscreens and touchpads including 11 single-finger gestures to swipe, scroll or double tap. It supports up to 15 sensor channels.

Microchip is also offering a free configuration utility, and there is a firmware library for design optimisation.

There is a Low-Power Projected-Capacitive Touch Pad Development Kit.

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