ADI widens reach of its online design community

Analog Devices has expanded its EngineerZone online technical support community to support its full line of signal processing devices.

The chip supplier has set-up the online community to help its customers to engage online with ADI product specialists and other engineers to answer product and applications questions.


EngineerZone features support communities now covering data converters, amplifiers, RF ICs, MEMS sensors, interface and isolation, video ICs and DSPs (digital signal processors).

According to ADI, the online community has achieved more than 100% annual membership growth since it was first created in 2009.

The company also plans to introduce an EngineerZone online design centre to provide design engineers with a complete signal chain design environment.

ADI also supports engineers in China and Japan in their native languages.

Watch a video on the EngineerZone community:

Join the EngineerZone community:

“The EngineerZone technical support community is a great way to connect with engineers who are knowledgeable about ADI’s tools and technologies,” said Kyle Sweet, firmware engineer, CyberOptics Corporation. “EngineerZone is a front line of support for ADI, and I’ve used the community many times.  I consistently receive valuable feedback from ADI experts.”


New features added to the EngineerZone community include:

· Homepage leaderboard that acknowledges members for their contributions.

· Mobile device accessibility.

· Events forum that gives customers access to information about industry events, ADI booth details, and product demos.

· “Analog Dialogue Blog” which features comments and highlights by authors about technical articles published in ADI’s Analog Dialogue magazine and allows customers to begin a dialogue about the topic.

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