ARM being tailored for servers

ARM has been looking at getting its processors into servers for some time, but the New York Times reveals today that a start-up company in Austin, Texas, called Smooth-Stone is actually working on an ARM-based chip specifically for the server market.

Last year, Warren East, CEO of ARM, told Electronics Weekly: “People are getting concerned about the power being used by server farms. ARM is potentially well-placed to do that. We do think that ARM has a role to play in making the electronics around the world more power-efficient, and if you can do that, you use a lot less power for the cooling systems.”

Smooth-Stone is headed up by an ex-Intel executive, Barry Evans. Evans was with Intel’s communications and mobile products group. The company has had backing from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, and is a member of the Austin Technology Incubator.

According to the Linked-in web-site, Smooth-Stone sets out to: ‘Bring ultra-low power mobile phone technology to the datacenter. Smooth-Stone has brought together leading engineers with experience in volume and blade server platforms, mainframes, server CPUs, networking processors, telecom infrastructure, and high performance cellular application processors and cell phone system-on-chips. With depth in both hardware and software design and development the Smooth-Stone team is uniquely positioned to deliver a complete low power solution.’

The web-site adds: ‘Smooth-Stone technology, combined with the industry-standard ARM architecture and tools, enable truly green datacenters’.

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