CES: Ingenic adds MIPS and Imagination to Android tablet SoC

Huawei says it has recorded a data rate of up to 564kbit/s in a downlink dual carrier on an EDGE mobile phone network link.

According to the network supplier, this is a record speed for EDGE (Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution) networks and will allow mobile networks to support live video broadcast and video on demand.

“This milestone demonstrates Huawei’s continued commitment towards driving GSM evolution, the world’s most widely deployed technical standard with the largest mobile subscriber base,” said He Gang, president of GSM/UMTS product line for Huawei.

The attraction of EDGE as an upgrade to existing GSM networks is that it can use existing GSM frequency bands.

As a result it can be used by operators to bridge the gap between GSM data services and 4G HSPA+/LTE networks.

In December, Huawei has completed the first live trial of LTE (Long Term Evolution) with Telefónica O2 UK, which the network supplier claimed is the first fully operational operator LTE trial in the UK.

The system had a peak downlink rate of 150Mbit/s recorded at O2’s headquarters in Slough.

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