Kionix unveils Tri-Axis accelerometer

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Kionix, the 16 year-old New York-based MEMs company, announced a tri-axis accelerometer at Globalpress Summit Conference in San Francisco.

The sensor can create up to twelve, unique, tap-enabled commands for customer-specified functions.

Kionix calls it the KXTF9 Directional Tap/Double-Tap accelerometer. It operates by the detection of a quick, light tap, or double tap, on any of the six faces of an object (±X, ±Y, and ±Z).

The embedded algorithm allows the accelerometer to discern a single or double tap and the direction from which the tap originated. The taps can be used as commands to applications on end-products to create novel user experiences.

“A single tap to the face of a cell phone could send the call to voicemail or silence the ringing; a tap to the left could enable the navigation functionality; a double tap on the bottom could provide a transition to Internet access”, said Greg Galvin, president and CEO of Kionix.

With an industry-standard I2C interface, the KXTF9 has user-programmable Output Data Rate (ODR) with A-D conversions executed at user-defined sampling rates, selectable 8-bit or 12-bit resolution, user-selectable g-range (2g, 4g, and 8g), a digital high-pass filter with a user-selectable cut-off frequency and comes in a 3x3x0.9mm, 10-pin, LGA.

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