Marvell has three core ARM chip for smartphones

Marvell has introduced a mobile applications processor with three ARM cores running at 1.5GHz.

The ARMADA 628 tri-core processor will run dual stream 1080p 3D video and 3D graphics with quad unified shaders for 200 million triangles per second.

According to Marvell, the tri-core design integrates two symmetric multiprocessing cores and a third core optimised for low power operation.

This low power core is designed to support routine user tasks and acts as a system management processor to monitor and scale power and performance.

As a result the processor will play more than 10 hours of full 1080p HD video or 140 hours of music on a single charge.

There are also dedicated processing engines to support 3D graphics, 1080p video encode/decode and cryptography.

It also supports high-speed USB 3.0 interfaces.


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