Scaleo’s Olea MCU races off GloFo automotive process

Scaleo has announced the first microcontroller family made on Global Foundries 55nm automotive-specific chip process.

ScaleoBlock 800

The microcontroller, called Olea, has “unique technologies related to real-time process and control of highly electrified internal combustion engines and electric motors based on programmable logic, as well as a set of ISO 26262 compliant functional safety features which improve powertrain system safety integrity and accuracy“, said Scaleo.

GloFo is a member of the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) and AEC-Q100 Group D qualified a version of its 55nm Low Power process. It supports non-volatile memory (NVM) and automotive grade SST-based embedded flash in MCUs and SoCs.

“The growing need for advanced automotive electronics is driving semiconductor companies to strengthen their collaboration with foundry partners, so together we can act at all levels of the supply chain to provide the best products to our customers,” said Ana Hunter, v-p of product management at GloFo.

Samples of the first chip are available to selected customers, said Scaleo.

It has two 300MHz 32bit ARM Cortex-R5F cores, one in lock-step configuration, and there is also a Cortex-M0 for I/O processing.

A plug-in hybrid car demonstrating the chips is planned.

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