Touchscreen controller targets 12in tablets

Cypress Semiconductor is targeting tablet computers with it latest TrueTouch controller which will support screens up to 12 inches.

The Gen4 CY8CTMA1036 controller has an ARM Cortex core, and its 65 sensing I/O channels support up to 1036 nodes on the screen.

“We’re getting the same positive reaction from tablet manufacturers as we did from the handset sector,” said Dhwani Vyas, v-p oif Cypress’s user interface business.

“We’re sampling multiple customers now and expect to start production shipments by the end of this quarter,” said Vyas.

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A feature of the Gen4 range of touchscreen ICs is that they can drive the touch panel at 10V, which can have benefits for signal to noise ratio as this is directly proportional to the voltage at which the panel is driven.

There is also a noise immunity feature which is designed to allow touchscreen designers to make their products thinner by removing the air gap between the display and the sensor, and also less expensive by removing the shield layer in the sensor. 

“It will operate seamlessly with direct lamination, on-cell and in-cell stackups, regardless of the display chemistry,” said the company. 

The chip’s active power consumption is 2 mW, and a deep sleep mode draws 1.8 uW with wake-up via address match on the COM port.

Refresh rate is 400Hz, and the controller will scan a capacitive touch panel at 1,000Hz.

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