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Planar transformers for PoE

Coilcraft has released two series of surface mount planar transformers for power over Ethernet (PoE) and -48V network power.

PL160 is rated for 160Watt 200-700kHz with a nominal 48 V input, and PL300 is rated for 300W.

Dc resistance is as low as 7.2mOhms and leakage inductance can…

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Kemet offers high voltage caps with flexible terminations

Kemet has added high voltage C0G multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) to its range of Flexible Termination (FT-CAP) products.

The flexible termination system utilises a conductive epoxy in order to establish pliability while maintaining terminal strength, solderability and electrical performance. The epoxy inhibits the transfer of board stress to the…

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How to choose capacitors that are efficient and reliable

As the world seeks electronics technologies to address challenges such as managing energy, increasing safety, communicating over short or long distances, and enhancing quality of life for people in all age ranges, designers are placing higher demands on many types of components including capacitors.

To meet the demands of applications…

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TDK has motor chokes rated to 520Vac

Epcos motor chokes from TDK are intended for the output side of frequency converters.

These components, also known as dv/dt chokes, are designed for a rated voltage of 520Vac. Their current capabilities range from 8A to 1,500A, depending on the type.

The B86301U series is suitable for motor…

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AVX puts base-metal electrode X7Rs into space

AVX has introduced its first space-level, base metal electrode (BME), X7R dielectric multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs).

According to the supplier these capacitors show “capacitance voltage capabilities superior to those of conventional precious metal electrode (PME) MLCCs”.

The BME MLCCs provide higher capacitance values in smaller cases sizes. They…

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Surface mount power inductor handles high currents

TDK’s latest EPCOS surface mount power inductors are designed for rated currents between 0.33 A and 7.5 A.

The range of inductance values is from 1.0µH to 1000µH, and the typical DC resistance is between 6.0mΩ and 1.95Ω.

The power inductors, which…

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Medical-grade tantalums for implants

AVX has introduced the TAZ HRC5000 medical-grade tantalum series.

Designed for use in implantable medical devices the tantalum capacitor series is rated for 4V to 50V and -55ºC to +125ºC, has a capacitance range of 0.1µF to 330µF, and features low DC leakage.


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Tantalums get more reliable

Kemet is claiming “the industry’s best reliability and highest breakdown voltages” from solid tantalum capacitors as a result of two technology developments.

One is a collection of manufacturing changes, branded F-Tech. It “features techniques for optimising chemical purity to eliminate hidden dielectric defects that could continue to grow…

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