Rohm aims ‘smallest diode’ at wearables

Rohm has taken discrete semiconductor and passive component miniaturisation to a new level.


The company has produced chip resistors in 03015 (0.3 × 0.15mm) size as well as Schottky barrier diodes in 0402 (0.4 × 0.2mm) size.

The devices make use of a proprietary process called Rohm advanced smart micro device technology.

Rohm says this is possible because its packaging process has a dimensional accuracy of ±10μm. This compares with package dimensional tolerance of up to ±20um in the current process.

Also the chip dicing methods improve mounting accuracy. Mounting errors and “tombstoning” are reduced by adopting bottom electrodes.

Gold electrodes are used to maintain solderability and reliability.

The chip resistor size is reduced by 56% over conventional 0402-size products and the required mounting area is reduced by 44%.

The 0402-sized Schottky barrier diodes  represents a 44 % size reduction compared to the conventional 0603 size (0.6mm × 0.3mm) while mounting area is reduced by 56%.

Electrical characteristics such as forward voltage (VF) and high power (0.1W) are maintained while reducing size and thickness compared to conventional 0603-size products.

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