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Power Supplies

The latest Electronics Weekly product news on power supplies.

PCIM: Wolfspeed to show 20kW SiC dc-dc converter

Cree SiC mosfets

Wolfspeed – Cree’s silicon carbide power transistor division – is to reveal just how small it can make a 20kW dc-dc converter at PCIM in Nurnberg. Alongside this will be an all-SiC 62mm half-bridge power module and gate driver combination (see below) with three-phase evaluation kit, and an on-line simulation tool for SiC power supplies called SpeedFit. And there will be ...

Recom’s dc-dc converters power SiC output stages

Recom RKZ-xx2005D

Recom has introduced two 2W dc-dc converter series designed to power SiC mosfets. “One of the challenges of driving SiC mosfets is the high frequency and high voltage at which they are switched,” said Recom. “High potentials between the control and power side of an application can wear down isolation barriers, eventually causing them to fail.” For a strong barrier, RxxP22005D ...

Imec develops solar cell with 22.5% conversion efficiency

imec Solar efficiency

Imec and kerfless epitaxial wafer start-up, Crystal Solar have demonstrated a homojunction solar cell with a record 22.5% conversion efficiency said to pave the way to low-cost solar wafer commercialisation. The potentially disruptive wafer technology was used to fabricate a standard monocrystalline 156x156mm2 cell on 160um to 180um thick grown n-type wafer with built-in rear p+ emitter. Imec’s n-PERT process ...

Maxim opens low-current buck converter for always-on rails

MAX77596_PR Graphic

Designers of USB Type-C small form factor devices can now create always-on rails with the ultra-low quiescent current MAX77596 buck converter from Maxim. Next-generation products that use the high data rates and increased power transfer capability of USB Type-C ports will require low-voltage supply rails to power necessary Type-C port controllers. Devices using the Power Delivery (PD) voltage range (5V to 20V) ...

IDT adds to power management portfolio


IDT has added to its power management products with the introduction of a dual-phase digital power controller that can help customers optimize, monitor and control high-power supply systems. The second-generation ZSPM1363 digital PWM controller delivers high performance and excellent transient response, making it ideal for addressing the growing demands in the telecommunications, server, storage, FPGA and infrastructure markets. It comes ...

Ricoh voltage regulator has dual-voltage level output


Ricoh has launched a voltage regulator, the RP155Z, with a special pin-selectable dual-voltage level output set within a range of 1.6V and 3.6V. The capability to shift voltage levels between one of the two preset output voltage levels makes it ideal for battery-powered applications with SD memory and SIM cards as well as devices requiring a Normal Operating and Power ...

LTC launches 20V, 20A monolithic synchronous step-down regulator


Linear Technology has introduced a constant frequency peak current mode synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with temperature-compensated ultralow DCR current sensing and clock synchronisation. The LTC7130‘s architecture eases compensation and offers the ability to directly parallel multiple ICs for higher current capability, according to the company. It also enhances the signal-to-noise ratio of the current sense signal, enabling the use of ...

APEC: Power inductors stretch beyond 5MHz

Coilcraft XEL40xx

Coilcraft is introducing low-loss power inductors that will operate from 2 to >5MHz at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in California. Called the XEL40xx series, the lowest dc resistance in the range is 2.5mΩ while the highest current is 28.5A, all in 4 x 4mm with heights down to 1.2 mm. Soft saturation characteristics, said Coilcraft, allows them to withstand ...

APEC: Fairchild improves 100V mosfet

Fairchild FDMS86181

Fairchild is revealing a 100V mosfet with maximum on-resistance of 4.2mΩ at 10Vgs and Id=44A, or 12mΩ at 6Vgs and Id=22A. Called FDMS86181, it is a ‘shielded gate’ mofet. “FDMS86181 is the first part in a new generation of mosfets and it delivers substantial improvements in efficiency, reduced voltage ringing and electromagnetic interference for power supplies, motor drives and other applications requiring ...