Power Supplies

Supercapacitor balancing kit

Kemet has introduced a supercapacitor balancing development kit for its S301 family of 60mm diameter capacitors.

Used in series, supercapacitors need electronics to ensure no capacitor goes over the rated voltage as the string approaches full charge – 2.7V in this case, see below.

The kit includes two-stage active…

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Digitally controlled converter drives 60A

TDK-Lambda has introduced an non-isolated surface mount DC-DC converter which will handle 60A currents.

The iJB series converters are PMBus read and write compliant and digitally controlled. The input voltage range is 8-14Vdc and the output is adjustable from 0.6 to 2.0V with a…

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Mini 4W power supply for extreme temperatures

Small format 4W power supplies designed for wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C from Recom can be used to supply outdoor sensors or control units in residential as well as industrial applications.

The RAC04-C/230 series has a wide input voltage range of 80-264VAC…

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12V 8th brick PSU for bus conversion

Semiconductor Circuits of New Hampshire is offering a 12V 9A 8th brick dc-dc converter – rated at 108W 12V at 55°C and 1m/s (200 feet/minute) airflow.

Called CPE9B36, it is aimed at bus conversion and distributed power applications.

It is 58.4×22.9mm and compliant with DOSA…

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IR extends space power supply to 120V

International Rectifier has introduced the M3G120 Series of 40W radiation-hardened (RAD-Hard) 120V input dc-dc converters for satellites with up to 15 years mission life, such as space stations and NASA’s Orion MPCV (multi-purpose crew vehicle) programmes, said IR.

“The M3G120 is based on IR’s…

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Ericsson and Murata in digital power pact

Murata Power Solutions and Ericsson have teamed up to accelerate the adoption of digital power products.

The two power supply manufacturers have signed a technical collaboration agreement which includes the introduction of a range of standardised digital power modules.

“We believe this joint initiative will encourage manufacturers to speed up…

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TI adds PMBus control interface to buck converters

Texas Instruments has introduced its first 18V, 20A and 30A synchronous DC/DC buck converters with a PMBus digital power control interface.

The SWIFT TPS544B20 and TPS544C20 converters also have integrated MOSFETs.

The reference voltage accuracy is specified at 0.5% and there is differential remote voltage sensing for powering…

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Tiny DC-DC converter in BGA has 2kV isolation

Linear Technology has designed a pair of 1.5W DC-DC converters with 2kVac galvanic isolation in a 9mm x 11.25mm x 4.92mm BGA (ball grid array) package.

The LTM8057 and LTM8058 include an isolated transformer, control circuitry, power switches and a modest amount of input and output…

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